Motor Control Center

We are identified as one of the celebrated Low Voltage Motor Control Centers Manufacturers in India. We have designed Intelligent Motor Control Centers to control electric motors and other equipment from a central location or where power is to be distributed for different equipments, safely and reliably. The Motor Control Center (Fixed & Fully Draw Out Type) can also house equipment such as variable speed drives, soft start starters, programmable logic controllers, power quality metering and other protection devices. In the case of electrical faults, it allows maintenance personnel to quickly detect which protective device has tripped and then correct the problem.

Features :

  • Plug-in type modular construction for draw-out version affords flexibility of location.
  • Strong, Moulded DMC/Fibre Glass Insulators.
  • Double Front/Single Front, Front access Separate bus chamber & cable alleys to allow better access and maintenance.
  • The MCC can be provided with System Integration, Data Logging Events, Diagnostics, Alarms, PLC/PC Controls.
  • All outgoing connections in the cable alleys.
  • Customized as per your requirements with scope for further expansion.